Abington senior feat. in Eastern Center Student Spotlight

Joyce Tertel, an Abington Senior High School senior enrolled in Eastern Center for Arts and Technology’s Business and Technology Professional, was recently highlighted in a Student Spotlight.

From the Spotlight:

Tertel, a talented musician, and aspiring entrepreneur, is also pursuing entrepreneurship classes at Abington Senior High School to further her dream of owning a music store. Her experiences at Eastern and Abington Senior High School have helped Joyce plan out her future career path.

Joyce is a multifaceted individual with a passion for creativity, and musical talent on the drums, bass, piano, and guitar. Because of her artistic passion, she initially enrolled in Eastern’s Design, Photography, and Illustration program, but quickly realized that was not the right fit for her. After visiting the Business and Technology Professional program, she found that this program, in conjunction with her business classes at Abington Senior High School, would give her foundational knowledge in the business field. Known for her collaborative spirit, she enjoys working with others. Beyond her engaging personality and musical skills, Joyce finds immense joy in one particular aspect of the Business and Technology Professional program—fundraiser sales. These events, organized to support Eastern’s student leadership organization, SkillsUSA, have become a focal point for Joyce.

“Joyce is a good salesperson who gets others excited about the product, whether it is a popcorn, hot dogs, or the Wawa voucher fundraiser,” said Ms. Erin Derby, Eastern’s Business and Technology Professional Instructor. “Her enthusiasm is contagious. She jumps at the chance to make fundraiser food sale announcements and is professional and courteous.”

Through the Business and Technology Professional program, Joyce is dually enrolled at Montgomery County Community College and is working on receiving nine college credits before she graduates EASTERN.

“EASTERN is the best part of my day,” said Joyce. My advice to students considering a program at EASTERN is to go for it. It is worth it, even if you find out that it is not the right career field for you.”

For more on Eastern, located at 3075 Terwood Road, Willow Grove, you can visit their website.

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Photo: Eastern