Abington police dub Wednesday’s domestic disturbance “a win for all involved”

The Abington Township Police Department dubbed the domestic disturbance on Wednesday, August 2 in the 2400 block of Radcliffe Avenue in Roslyn a “win for all involved.”

According to the Department, no crimes were committed, no charges have been filed, and no party was injured during the disturbance.

From the Department’s Facebook post:

When the police respond to a major incident such as this, the first priority is always the protection and safety of people in the area, as well as the responding officers. Once a scene is made safe, a detailed investigation takes place, which includes the strict protection of the constitutional rights of all those involved. In the incident yesterday in Roslyn, it was originally reported by an eye-witness that a man was armed, in an offensive manner, with a rifle inside his own home. He was originally non-compliant with responding officers. Both possessing a rifle and choosing not to communicate with police while inside your home are constitutionally protected rights. The tactical unit, as well as crisis negotiators were called to the scene because they are specially trained to deal with these types of situations. While officers were trying to establish communication with the man, several neighbors in the immediate area were asked to either leave or go to a safer part of their homes so that they would not be in direct range of a rifle. There were no mandatory evacuations. Eventually, police did make contact with the man. Officers and detectives spent several hours gathering facts, speaking with witnesses, and assessing the credibility of everyone involved. Ultimately, it was determined that no crime had occurred. The family was provided other non-criminal options to pursue, but chose not to. When incidents like this occur, there is no boilerplate response. Officers must use their training and experience to make professional and discretionary judgement calls based on the specific details of that particular incident. When an incident like this ends with no one getting hurt, it is a win for all those involved.

For our previous coverage of the incident, you can click here. For the Department’s update released the evening of August 2, you can click here.

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