Abington native Adam Shapiro, owner of Shappy Pretzel Co., feat. by 6ABC for bringing pretzels to Writers Guild strike

Adam Shapiro of Abington Township was recently featured by 6ABC News for showing up at the picket lines with Philly soft pretzels when the Writers Guild of America went on strike in May.

Shapiro owns L.A.-based Shappy Pretzel Co. with his wife, actress Katie Lowes. According to the article, the demand for pretzels has grown since the Screen Actors Guild, a Philly labor union, has joined the strike.

“It’s just a real ‘lemonade out of lemons’ kind of situation,” Shapiro said. “It’s really hard. It’s disheartening to be out on the picket line every day, all day, for hundreds of days. Then, you wake up to these emails from somebody like Jimmy Kimmel saying, ‘Let’s do a strike drop on Thursday.’ We’re all in this together. We’re going to figure it out.”

Shapiro made headlines in March for supplying the 95th Academy Awards with 4,000 Philly-style pretzels.

For Shapiro’s Instagram page, you can click here. For more on Shappy Pretzel Co., you can visit their Facebook page and website. You can also watch 6ABC’s video coverage with Shapiro here:

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Screengrab and photo courtesy of 6ABC