Abington High School baseball field vandalized a third time

Students at Abington High School are fed up with the repeated vandalism at their baseball field.

Some Abington High School baseball players spoke with Action News Monday after their field was vandalized Friday.

“I do feel disrespected,” said senior LJ Wolff.

While the season doesn’t start until March, voluntary workouts have already begun. Players said they take the sport seriously, with many hoping to play baseball in college.

“It’s pretty frustrating when we’re out here in the middle of the summer trying to get better for the season,” said Pat Barrett, a senior at the school.

When Barrett saw the images on the dugout, he immediately told his coach.

“It was tough to look at,” said Bill Degen, the head varsity baseball coach.

Degen said this is the third time the field has recently been vandalized. He said the field was vandalized twice toward the end of last season.

Players still talk about their field getting ripped up at the end of last season.

“It’s kind of crazy because they did a lot of damage,” said senior Alex Dar.

“Especially with the outfield getting vandalized, and we could get injured and potentially lose our scholarships,” added Wolff.

Parents said enough is enough.

“It’s disheartening when you have boys that take this so serious,” said Valerie Staley, a parent of one of the players. “They come here for practice and then they have to see this. It’s not fair to them. It’s not fair to any child.”

The team has a message for whoever is behind the vandalism.

“They probably thought it was funny doing whatever they want out there. It’s really not funny,” said senior Matt Worek.

The school district told Action News they cleaned up the vandalism in time for practice Monday evening.

Abington Township police are aware of the latest incident and urge anyone with information to come forward.