Abington grad Rebecca Rhynhart’s runner-up mayoral campaign and future covered by The Inquirer

Abington graduate Rebecca Rhynhart’s mayoral campaign was chronicled in an article today by The Philadelphia Inquirer, titled “Why Rebecca Rhynhart’s second-place campaign for Philly mayor still beat expectations.”

The former city controller, one of several top contenders for the Democratic nomination for mayor, came in second with about 23% of the vote — nearly 10 percentage points behind victor Cherelle Parker.

Strategists and observers believe she largely outperformed expectations.

From The Inquirer’s article:

Her campaign was not flashy, and had no institutional support. She was the only top candidate who didn’t have endorsements with money behind them, and didn’t have a super PAC running television advertising.

Rhynhart polled in the middle of the pack through much of the campaign, then surged by April, when she came out on top of the first public poll in the race.

Rhynhart’s campaign manager Kellan White said she is unlikely to jump into another election any time soon.

For the full article, you can click here.

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